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  • Please be aware that this diabetes education service and information is based on current best practice guidelines and recommendations by Australian diabetes organizations, associations and societies.
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Privacy Statement

Diabetes Education to Assist (DETA) requires the collection of personal information for research and evaluation. In doing so we are committed to protecting your privacy.

This privacy policy will help you understand how Diabetes Education To Assist (DETA) collects, uses and safeguards your personal information. Our privacy policy is based on the guidelines detailed in the Australian Privacy Commissioner's National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information, which is available on line by visiting  http://www.privacy.gov.au/publications/npps01.html Alternatively, the Victorian Law Foundation http://www.victorialaw.org.au

If you have  concerns, comments or questions regarding this privacy statement, then please contact info@detadiabetes.com.au


What happens to your information

All emails sent to this wesbite are received by Sheree Jane Rennie (CDE) at her home office at info@detadiabetes.com.au


Storage of personal information

We are required to keep hard copies of all emails and medical records for our private and professional use for documentation and legal purposes. Legally we are required to keep these documents for 7 years. The emails are stored securely and there is no public access.


Personal information supplied by you


Diabetes Education To Assist (DETA) may disclose information collected via email or during consultation and contained in medical records to your doctor and other treating health care professionals for the purpouses of providing treatment for current or future health condition(s).

Diabetes Education to Assist (DETA) will never use your private details without first consulting you. We may use parts of  your information provided with no identifying information for research, writing articles for journals, or presentation to health professionals.

A consent to use and disclosure of information form will be provided to you at your initial visit and explained.
We never share your personal details or email addresses with a third party.


How much information do you need to share?

It is always up to you how much personal information you provide to the service, but we will need at least an email address in order to reply to you. The information you provide us about your diabetes is also helpful for us to observe Diabetes widely in terms of research and evaluation statistics.

Your contact details which you provide to Diabetes Education To Assist (DETA) are treated as private and confidential, and are never, under any circumstance, offered, provided or sold to any other organisation, company or individual(s), other than those by which you provided your details originally as stated in our consent to use and disclosure of information form.


Accessing your personal information

Wherever possible, we can provide you with access to the personal information that we may hold about you. In most cases it will be exactly the same as you have, as most contacts are via email and you can print out hard copies. If you require a copy of an email, this can be sent by mail free of charge. If requesting copies of  your medical records, a fee for collecting, copying and mailing will be charged.

We can and will provide to you, copies of personal information that we hold about you. Electronic Communications (ie: e-mail) which occur between you and us are available, and will be the same in content as the e-mails you send to us and recieve from us. E-mails which you send and recieve from us can be printed by you and the storage, privacy and confidentiality of e-mail correspondence and information we provide to you, in any form, is your responsibility. If you require a copy of an e-mail which we sent to you, this will be sent by surface mail free of charge. If requesting copies of your medical records, a fee for collecting, copying and mailing will be charged.

We will take all reasonable steps to keep all information we hold up-to-date. If you identify that the information that we hold about you is incorrect, please contact us and request an amendment by emailing info@detadiabetes.com.au or by calling 0408 394 156.